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Hey all, so the 29th of this November month I'm playing live for the first time.

I'm semi confident about it... Me and my friends originally started out as a jam band for something to do, and found out we have a reasonable amount of skill. Its a bar show, I know enough to get by, but with today being the 4th, we have like 25 days to nail an entire 15 song setlist. Alot of these songs I've never tried to play so we're going to go balls to the wall until then to nail them.

Seems kind of impossible. Lol, I'm just kind of frantic right now, so posting it up for tips and pointers and maybe a confidence boost sounded like a good idea. For the veterans, ANY POINTERS HELP. -I've never played live. The other guys have but Im freaking.

Heres the setlist. Nothing outrageous, I just dont wanna get booed off the stage.

Weezer- Say Aint So
Buckcherry- Crazy Bitch
BLS- Fire It Up
White Zombie- Thunderkiss 65
Seether- FMLYHM
Puddle of Mudd- She ****ing Hates Me
Lynard Skynard- Sweet Home Alabama\
Shinedown- Simple Man
Lit- My Own Worst Enemy
Seether- Broken
Blue October- Hate Me
Hellyeah- Alcohol and Ass

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Lol. I just want to know like.. What not to do, how to handle a mess up, maybe like how many backup guitars to take along.

Im just frantic. Yaaaay.
Its gonna be tough. You'll need at least 5 good practices as a full band, if not more, 10 would probably be better. And everybody is gonna have to practice on their own every night. By your last practice you should plan on playing every song as though it was a performance, no stops, just small critiques and then jump into the next song.

Don't: Ever stop playing, stand like a statue, let people have the slightest idea that you might have messed up. Let your nervousness affect your playing.

Do: Have fun. Know your parts. Encourage your band mates. If you can, take a backup guitar, just in case. Even if its just a string breaking, having another guitar is better than having to change out a string, or even worse, playing without it (I don't care what anybody says, you're never gonna get me to play without all my strings if I can help it).

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Well, heres a few stuff I do...its juz me, hope u'll get a few pointers...

Always warm up before play, guitarist, bassist, drummer....and also ur vocalist, make sure he nail em notes...this is key to a good performance...

Remember to keep calm, only then will you b able to play in a more relaxed manner, clean and good...take deep breaths...it'll be good to start with the simplest song since its ur first time....get a feel for the crowd and ambience....then start to kick things up since u'll start feeling more comfortable...

Don't get upset over a mistake u make....most people out there dont play instruments and probably wont have such a sensitive ear to detect the mistake....

Make sure you a get a soundcheck session b4 that so that u know you wont sound painful...run through a couple of songs...get the vocalist to be comfortable with the mic and u with ur playing position...

And always keep in good shape, meaning healthy and well b4 the performance, dont wana be sick and sulky on that day...

And finally, always smile and have a good time...
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Yeah. My buddy who is vox/rythm has a lot under his belt and he pretty much says he can handle any messups or whatever. But really, Everyones gott dive in sometime. Plus its free drinks all night, so I'm lining up jaegerbombs on top of my amp the whole set. Thatll help.
Plus, how stupid would I look if I wore my aviators on stage? That would help with the whole kind of stage fright thing. If itd look stupid though.... Maybe not.
Do an AC/DC song if you can.There really easy to put together.
It's probably a bit late now.
Seagulls,the chicken of the ocean.

Originally posted by Gunpowder:
Everyone just jumps on the bandwagon and gives the same advice in these situations. You know what? I'm going to be different. Call the firemen.
have fun. If the crowd sees that you are enjoying yourself, they will more than likely enjoy themselves
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