I've read ~95% of tone comes from the amp. The rest would come from the guitar & pickups. So why a Gibson?

What I don't get is that if you get the same pickup of a Gibson LP to a Epi LP, then wouldn't the tone be almost exact? Would the <5% tone really matter to spend xxxx's on? Also, same goes for other guitars. Like a ESP compared to a Epi, if they have the same pickups, how would ESP sound more "metal"?
what you've read is...wrong. the material of the guitar affects what frequencies are absorbed more or reflected more, etc etc. To most people it doesn't make a huge difference, but to those with trained ears can definitely tell, or at the very least, feel.

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Most of the tone does come from the amp, but I wouldn't say 95%. To me, the guitar is your "home" and you need it to be as comfortable to you as possible. Most of the tone comes from the amp, the pickups of your guitar, and your fingers. How you fret or vibrate the strings, your pick attack, etc.
To tell you the truth, I don't agree with some of the statistics people say on here. Pickups make a HUGE difference in my opinion. Granted, they're in a good guitar through a good amp.

It's not just the tone difference between the Gibson and the Epiphone, it's build quality. Gibsons from the Custom Shop are pretty much guaranteed to be spectacular instruments. Gibson USA are usually still very very nice instruments, but they're more... mass production(?) oriented. And not so much focused on quality detail of each instrument, hence why they're usually $2000 less. Epiphones are even lower on that scale, being made in foreign countries being payed minimum wage(*citation needed) so they generally pump out less quality products. Remember, there can exceptions to these.

The woods and finishes etc all effect the tone. But generally, they'll sound pretty close.
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everything from the kind of wood the guitar is made of, to the type of strings and so on and so forth goes into the tone of a guitar. even the type of connecters on your instrament cables can effect your tone. so as far as that 95% amp quote i would toss that out the window. you get what you pay for is a true quote in this case. the better the quality of instrament and amplification the better the tone you will end up with. thats not to say there isnt some decent cheeper instraments out there but in most cases usa strats and gibson les pauls rule the roost (IMO). and no i did not use caps at all so dont tell me about my sucky grammer i already know. thanx LOL
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