Did some testing of my new mics. Advice about balance/ tone would be most appreciated because that was the purpose of the recordings but constructive criticism of content etc is welcome as well.

All of the songs are in my profile and I'll provide some quick explanations so you can decide what you want to listen to.

"Mic Check in D Minor" is basically one big guitar solo over chords.
"Mic Check 1212" is guitar/drums metalesque
"Number 1" is guitar/drums metal
"Number 2" is guitar/drums kind of funky
"Number 3" is guitar/drums latin style

and that pretty much covers the interesting stuff.
Number 1 - Reminds of old school 'Black Sabbath', especially 'Master of Reality'. As far as the drums, I think you need to experiment a bit with mic placement and maybe try and record in a larger room to give them a bit more ambience.

Number 2- Reminds me of early Zep, nice bluesy feel and old-school scratch-fuzz guitar. Very '70's feel; nice touch to add the percussion bits in.

Number 3 - Nice that you went for another vibe; has kind of a Latin sound to it but also a bit of Grateful Dead 'jam' feel. Nice laid back drums.

Mic Check in D-Minor - The saddest of all keys (Spinal Tap reference). The lead guitar needs a bit of reverb or a touch of delay to my ears; the note selection is good, but the 'sound' tends to just stop. I would have liked to hear the same drummer that did Number 3 add some tasty percussion bits. The sped up part was interesting, but it took away from the feeling a bit. Reminded me of 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.

Mic Test 1212 - Another solid metal riff; the drummer is playing quite well, but the drum sound is lacking a bit of girth. Work on mic placement, adding some compression, a bit of reverb, some EQ. A lot of it could be determined by the room you're in; experiment, you'll be surprised at what good you can get what you think are setting that would not work.

C4C if you please, some riffs/ideas my bandmates weren't interested in.