I'm looking to get a Takamine EG523SCB and have found the cheapest UK site to be Sounds Live; I've never dealt with them before, usually use Thomann, but they come in a whole 50 quid cheaper. Are they decent?
Used em before and they provide a good service, so I'd recommend them!

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Thanks =] The only concern I do have is that from what I can gather there are two versions of the guitar; one with the preamp near the neck and one on the side of the body. Most sites tend to use a stock image of the latter version, which I believe is outdated and not the one I want, including Thomann and Sounds Live. Thomann have confirmed that their stock does have the preamp near the neck, but I've tried to contact Sounds Live and nothing yet. Could anyone enlighten me? Should I be worried about this, or is it likely to just be they're using old images?
There's a phone number on the front page of their website. Ring them and ask.