Hi fellow musicians.

So I've searched the forums read all kinds of stuff and pretty much narrowed down my choices to the Orange Tiny Terror Combo and the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo. I can't really afford anything more expensive than one of these. I mostly want to use them for band practice and even gigging. I play RHCP mostly and other stuff like Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps, nothing really heavier than Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. So I'm leaning towards the HRD because it already has a built in reverb and it's 40 watts so I'm guessing it's louder, about the distortion I'll get a pedal, maybe a BOSS DS-2TB. It also has a nice clean channel which the tiny terror lacks. I haven't got the chance to try out these amps (the biggest amp my local store has is an mg50dfx... sad I know ) so I really rely on youtube and on you guys to give me some aid in deciding.

And I have checked other threads that have the same two amps but none of them gave a good description.

Thanks all helpful answers are appreciated.
I know the TT does Led Zeppelin and AC/DC very well, and I can get a lot of RHCP tones out of it. If you play radiohead and arctic monkeys more than Led Zeppelin and AC/DC I would probably go for the HRD. The tiny terror's cleans are pretty good to my ears, and there isn't too much tube distortion at high volumes.
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