dear all ppl, pls comment on my ensemble performance. We r going to war (competiton) end of month. our members consist age around 14 - 17 yrs old and going to compete with other rock and jazz band. Initially, we have a drummer but we decide to use guitar to imitate the percussion rhythm. Because creativity is also a part of criteria point. pls comments....! do we rock enough??

Well i would say that u guys started of a bit shaky... but later on u guys really rocked.... not bad guys... and a little more stage confidence wouldn't hurt
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One of the guitarists is out of sync with the rest during several parts of the song. Practicing together will fix that.

One of the guitars is out of tune...I couldn't tell exactly where...either that or he is hitting wrong notes...i'd lean more towards an A or D string being out of tune because I wasn't hearing it all the time.

Overall i'd say you're well on the way to having it down.

Good luck with your competition!