My computer is slow so I havn't listened to the tracks. I mostly just wanted to say that I really like the band name.
Really really good. Me likey ... And that doesn't happen often

Try to make more various parts in the music, i can hear that you guys are having fun and enjoy being creative .. I want to hear your creativity. This has potential and I'd like to hear more.

Kickass name.
I put a new song up, please check it out and comment on it, any criticism, tips or if you like it, please tell me.
thanks for the encouragement guys, glad to know you like the band name.
Hey guys, we've recorded and finished our second EP called Accidents In Areoplanes, some of the tracks are up on our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thestringsmiths
The rest is up on youtube along with some videos of our previous gig

We have another gig coming up in a week at the same place, but this time we're headlining.
So if any of you live anywhere near Sydney, it would be great to see you at EDYS on Friday the 4th of September.
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