I'm looking to buy a USB-recording interface.

I need it to have zero latency, a headphone out port, inputs for a guitar and a microphone (maybe two guitars), and reasonably small.

I was looking at the M-Audio fasttrack pro with guitar rig 3, as i see thats what David Meshow uses, and i like his stuff and tone.

But on the other hand, a friend i have on myspace (Kyle Harper, if any of you have heard of him) uses a Pod XT Live, and i like his tone too.

I really dont know what to do here, i dont wanna go over £300, i'd rather spend around £100... lol.

So... leave some suggestions please!
Bump, i want to know too!
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Well a line 6 tone port would be nice ^^
I have one to and I think it's great for the money I spend on it.
It was 70€ so that would be the same in pounds I guess
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No offense or anything, but i dont think i could take advice on tone and gear equipment from someone who's only amp is an MG15 lol.

Even so... there are plenty of tone ports to consider :O Which one do you have?
I'd go for the PodXt (better yet, go for the X3). Use the headphone out to monitor yourself, and the USB to record.
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