Hi everybody, i have a lot of problems playing my guitar

Well, i´m german my english isn´t very good.
First i´m an 18 year old boy, who loves his guitar and plays guitar until his fingers hurt. (often 5 hours a day or more). I listen to bands like in flames, slipknot, metallica, korn, disturbed, lamb of god, atreyu and things like that.

Yeah and that´s my first problem: i own my mummy´s guitar, that´s more than 30 years old, no famous brand etc... i had a teacher for around 2 years who teaches my classical guitar (sure i love flamenco, but i hate german folk songs -.-) half a year ago i quit and now my acoustic guitar is c tuned and i learned guitar by internet... i love the warm sound of my guitar but you can´t really reach the 12th fret and i have no chance to learn a real solo or something. Though master of puppets on classical guitar (nylon) rocks

As you might guess i posted here to get some advice, and i need a new guitar! (with amp etc)

A few things that the guitar should have:
-24 frets ^^
-suitable for metal but it shouldn´t be too bad for other things (punk, and slower things)
-it should cost not more than 700 dollars
-i like the shape of a les paul, but in fact something like an ltd ax would be cool too.
-it had to sound good c tuned
-i plan to get a great guitar, and a cheap amp ( i just play in my bedroom)
- it has to be very resistant, I mean I practice a lot
-a few weeks ago I fell in love with a ltd ec 400 (not sure with the number) with a small little vox amp
--- the problem is, that it would be my first guitar and don´t really know a lot about electric guitars, and I was in 3 shops now and I just find 2 guitars that look good and were not too expensive (the ltd above and an ibanez art 320 I think, same amp) and only the ltd sounded good to me, but a friend told me the amp I played with was crap…

I´m looking for a guitar for over a year, and I didn´t find one L
Help me please!
schecter makes very nice guitars at pretty nice prices as well


most have 24 frets, are definitely suitable for metal, have classy shape, and to me sound like what you are looking for.

another maker to consider if you like non-strat style bodies is bc rich. their guitars are designed to play metal, although i bet you can get nice tones for other genres out of them.


a third you might look at is laguna, although their name is not very well known. i have wanted to buy this guitar for awhile, because the reviews on musiciansfriend say it is nothing short of awesome.


lastly, paul reed smith might make something good for you. Paul reed smith does not make cheap/low quality guitars. at all. they probably have the kinda classy look it seems you want.

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cool fast answer thanks!

hmm shecter, i didn´t see one in the shops i were too.

in fact, i would like to have something sharp looking xD and i don´t know much about guitar sound, so look > all xD
if sharp looking is what you want, then bc rich is your answer.

if you don't want to order online, and only from your local store (which is smart), what brands do they sell there? perhaps you could ask them to order something, and make sure that it is set up properly.
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yeah i looked at some bc rich before, but in my price range i read very often that they sound not good...

i finally stuck at a good old lp shape with bit color (red/black by ltd )
Hi there.

The EC-400 sounds perfect for you. However, you need to find yourself a decent amp, because a really cheap amp will not be able to do that guitar justice. However, I'm not an authority on amplifiers, so I'll let someone else field that part.

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thanks again... am i so special when i want a heavy sounding les paul style guitar? i just founnd one over all

for amp i thin i will spend around 200 €
What are you loking to spend on the amp? If you're willing to spend about 250-ish, I'd recommend the Vox AD30VT.
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What are you planning to do with said amp- bedroom playing, or do you plan to gig it?

If you're looking for something small, I recommend a Roland cube of some description- built in effects, nice pricing, and so on.

If you want something gig-worthy, I have no idea...
Roland Micro Cube perhaps. Vox AD30VT is another good choice. Crate V series are fairly decent as well.

Just stay away from the cheaper solid states like the Marshall MG series and the Line 6 Spiders and you should be fine. You're getting a decent guitar, hate for it to sound cold and awful through a cheap amp.
thanks man i think i buy these things tomorrow or at least this week
for your amp, you could try either a 15w-30w roland cube or peavey vyper, they are great practice amps. Stay away from line 6 spider III and Marshall MG.

for the guitar try one of these PRS, they are shaped similar to les pauls


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