when you strum, do u use alot of power behind your strum? i know its a little vague but idk how to better explain it... do u strum powerfully?
Depends what you're trying to achieve.

Obviously there'll be more dynamics to the note/chord if you hit it harder and there'll be times when you'll want/need to do that. There'll also be times when it'll just sound like shit if you did that.

Various dynamics such as how hard or light you play (and even where on the strings you strum) will make a huge difference to the overall sound.

Hope that helps.
I'm a pretty big and built guy(well... for an asian, anyway) so I use a lot of power when I get in there. There's a certain point where you shouldn't use any more power though--when the tone starts to give way to the amount of intensity you put behind it.

It happens with Cedar more than Spruce, but I can still kill the tone on my Martin, even with a Sitka spruce top. The more tight grained top woods should be able to handle higher intensity strumming. Adirondack Spruce, anyone?
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i usually try to do harder strums on the beat, which i usualy try to play strumming down, but at least do the third beat in each measure, because thats what your drummer is going to be doing if you are playing rock stuff or anything cept latin and jazz
I don't put alot of power behind my strums but it depends on how you play usually only when I'm playing fast I'll strum a bit harder
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