hi people, been playing for about 5 months now and have picked up alot of strumming patterns aswell as some good songs mainly by oasis and verve. However my fingerpicking is a total let down.

i find i learn best through song/chord book, are thee any fingerpicking ones out there i can use, also any songs you guys can suggest? my sister has just give birth to my neice layla, im wanting ultimetly to be able to fingerpick that song in time, however looking for easier ones as of now? cheers fellas
Limp Bizkit/The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
3 Doors Down - Here Without me
Creed - One Last Breath (*intermediate)

This is the order that I started fingerpicking songs.
Practice. Finger picking doesn't come easy to me either.
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kansas - dust in the wind
eagles - hotel california
green day - time of your life
radiohead - street spirit
metallica - nothing else matters
classical gas (hard, so leave that one for a while)