I have a demo up in my profile called "Here With Me". Check it out and let me know what you think. Leave a link if you want c4c.
Dude, your voice is awesome. No negative comment or any criticism. About the rest of the song, I thought the sound of your strings was a little "loose". As if the strings were a bit tensionless, but still great song.
Wow dude, that song was pretty great! I really like your voice, though one thing I would say is that the guitar overpowers your voice on some parts of the song, so if you boosted your voice a bit, that would help. There were a few pitch problems, I mean, not like I could do any better, but just giving you a fair critique. But overall I think it's a really good song, and the recording quality was pretty amazing! I liked the lyrics too. Awesome!
I hate asking this, but if you wouldn't mind, listen to a song or two on my profile and leave some feedback. Thanks!
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