Anyone know where I can get badges from off t'internet?

I used to use badgezone.com, but that appears to have disappeared and I haven't been able to find any other decent sites with the same sort of variety...
Badges? For...?
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what exactly do you mean by "badges"...

like pins? stickers? police badges?
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EDIT- That link above me should do the trick
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you can't buy badges. you have to defeat the gym leader to get them
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there are plenty of badge/sticker makers on e.bay i use them a lot , just type it in and there ya go.
my bagder stares at me.....
I was a bit vague with what I meant by badges...

Button badges/pin badges... For decorating such items as bags and guitar straps...

They don't have what I'm after though

There were literally thousands on Badgezone.com... *sigh*
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you can't buy badges. you have to defeat the gym leader to get them

thank you man i was praying someone would make a pokemon reference when i saw this thread
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Only badges you could need at this time of year.

Well... I dunno about the top one.

I wouldn't have classed a poppy as a badge, I've already got one anyway.
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I have to farm badges so I can buy my Blade Of The Harbringers.
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