I really am getting into classical guitar, but it's hard I just learned how to play Coheed and Cambria's "Always and Never" I feel like I have that one down pretty good and I can almost play "Closer to the heart" by Rush (I think he uses a pick, but idk I use my fingers any way for practice) I like the song "Dee" From the Blizzard of Oz soundtrack, but it's way too ****ing hard. Does anyone know any good classical/ finger picking songs for beginners ?
i was gonna say dee cause thats one of the only ones i know. try the trees by rush?

EDIT: also try diary of a madman
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fur elise is a good one.
like if you play the chords and the melody at the same time it sounds badass on a classical guitar.
another good one is "study in E minor", i forget who its by but it sounds really nice.

EDIT: im listening to "always and never" by coheed (first time ive heard it) and thats a really cool song =]
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Andrew York - Waiting for Dawn
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