hey all,
I just purchased a Jackson RX10D body and neck on ebay. I was lucky enough to find a neck for the actuall model. My problem is the NECK POCKET is way to tight....i've already tried to force it in and chipped the finish of the body!!!
It looks like I'm going to have to sand either the neck or the neck pocket to make it fit.

What would be the correct way to remedy this? Should I sand out the POCKET or the sides of the NECK? I'm thinking the neck pocket it a better way to go since my NECK has already been wood finished and looks perrty, (wouldn't want to screw that up)...

Anyone have any thoughts....

I had do do something similar years ago - I used some calipers a chisel and sand paper to remove the excess from the body cavity. Check often, its to easy to go too much one way and bugger up the alignment. Obviously you can use shims to get it straight again.

I used plastic wood filler and semi glued the neck on in the process, though I am by no means saying you should do that!!

The whole thing has an air of bodgitt & Scarper's guitar repair service about it, but it worked
and fifteen years later it's still around to tell the story. check the sig pic of the nuked SG
you could...... go and make the neck colder like by putting it in your fridge or freezer! That'll shrink the wood.
true....... a ice bath in a bag with a towel around it could do though. Like it was said before. Chisel the body. I think that would give better results. BE SURE to take equal amounts off of both sides. You don;t want to **** up the geometry.
You sand the neck, just avoid the fretboard.

I've done it lots, and it works great. Don't worry about taking off the finish, that part is covered by a guitar anyway.

Or just touch it up with some clear.
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Great! Thanks for all the advice!
I did the ice bath and sanded evenly on both sides of the BODY NECK pocket until I got a nice snug fit.
Worked great!!!

Thanks again!

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you gave a guitar neck an ice bath?

yeah, sorta, as suggested above I filled a large bowl with ice, then put the end of the neck in a ziplock bag and let it sit for an hour.... this makes the wood contract, which makes it a little easier to mount the neck. Then sanded the neck pocket, evenly on both sides, little by little and checking the pocket along the way until I got a nice snug fit.