So ive tried some recording before, i just got a headphone converter and plugged it into the back of my microcube and ran a cord from it into my line in and recorded in audacity... the results of that werent too great. horrible quality.

Whats the best way for me to connect my guitar to my comp to get the best sound quality for not so much money? possibly something that comes with a good virtual amp thing or something, cause microcube distortion just doesnt cut it
throught the mic input, not the line in
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throught the mic input, not the line in

And if you use a mic for Skype, etc make sure "mic boost" is off on any sound options otherwise you'll get super distorted ugly noises.
The best way, is to use a USB (or FireWire) Audio Interface. I use a E-MU 0404USB and it works great. Interfaces vary in prices. The best online store is sweetwater.com, but if you have a local music store, they should be able t hook you up with a good audio interface.