Guys - i'm getting back into electric after many years on acoustic.

I'll be getting an epiphone LP or something similar but need a decent budget amp to play it through.

I've heard good things about the Cube series. I will mainly be playing classic rock so be good to hear what others think of these amps. It will mainly be for playing on my own and jamming with others, nothing too serious.

Also, maybe a stupid question, but aside from the volume is it worth going for the 30 as opposed to the 20?

Thanking all of you!!
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I've had nothing but great experiences with my cube 30. I say yes, but try and play one before if you can.
nah, go for the 30, it has the amp modelling on, much better amp
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cube 30 is a very good amp... but it's a bit too quiet... get a cube 60 when you wanna play with a band. other than that i can really recommend the cube!


Cube30 > Cube20
i dont know how much difference there is between the 30s and 30Xs, but my 30x is sick. i can get almost any sound out of it.
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I would second the Vox option myself as I had the Vox Ad30VT. I think,IMHO, that it would suit classic rock perfectly especially when combined with an Epiphone LP. I had the Vox Ad30VT for more than 1 year and still have the Epiphone LP. I was in the same situation as you and was moving to an electric after playing acoustic for like 10 years or so.

Good points about the Vox Hybrid amps. The AdVt series:
1. Very good cleans : The Fender amp sims are really good and they work well with distortion pedals.
2. The Marshall amp sim(I think its modelled after a JCM800.Not 100% sure though) is really nice when combined with the Epiphone LP. Granted the Epi pickups are at times a bit muddy but with a little bit of EQ tweaking, you can achieve some remarkable tones on this amp or just change them to Seymour Duncans like I did.
3. Volume : I used the 30amp Vox in a band situation with a drummer and a bassist playing. It handled itself really well and when pushed fully, it sounded even better.
4. Bedroom practice advantage : It has a knob at the back which you can reduce the Wattage and still crank the amp away, without having earsplitting volume which will annoy the neighbours. I found that very handy to have in an appartment
5. Tone : The tone is very good for a hybrid amp in this price category. Granted it will not be as good as a tube amp, but for the price and versatility, it is a bargain.

Bad points :
1. The high gain amp sims are not all that good. Some are a tad bit fizzy for my liking.
2. The onboard effects are not the best in the world.
3. Its not as good obviously as a full tube amp.

Hope this helps you out. Check out the clips of the amp on Youtube. There are some pretty good ones.

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