ok i'm looking for a new electric guitar that i can use to play all that i want to now i play a wide range so it may be hard to find one that suits but before i go to a shop and start trying out guitars i want some opinions
now im looking for an electric guitar that can:
play the following styles well:
heavy metal
more acoustic (like led zeppelin ish)
rock like gnr or bon jovi
i also want a guitar with
two tone knobs
two volume knobs
pickup switch that works well
a neck that not too far off the widness of a stratocaster (as thats what im used to)
and is under £300

thanks for your help
a Epi LP Standard but not sure if that neck is fine for you.
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hmm helpful thanks alot
i am willing to adjust with the neck thing and im just curious on what i should be looking at when going into the shop
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definatley look at the 72 deluxe like CT32 said.
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most les pauls would work fine
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