Which Marshall amp is better for a home studio, Marshall JVM215C 50w tube or Marshall JVM410C 100w tube? My main concern is that they will be too loud in the house. I know there is a volume knob but I am not sure if these amps will have the same tone at lower volumes. I live in a large house and there is quite bit of room between me and my neighbors. If you own one of these please comment on how is the tone at the lower volumes? Thanks!!

i'd say the 50w either way

and get a weber mass attenuator to maintain tone at low volumes
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Definitely look into an attenuator with either of these amps. The wattage difference is really just there for headroom before poweramp distortion occurs (the 50 watt will distort at a lower setting than the 100watter). Volumewise, they'll both likely peel paint off the walls at 4.

And as far as which amp, get the 215C. Mainly because while the extra channels may offer a bit more versatility, you can easily get some pedals (od and eq) that can get you there for a lot less cash.
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Thanks for the quick reply's.

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50 watts is enough, get the 50

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