so at practice im finally able to turn up my good and loud to see how it does if i played an actual set,my problem though is wen i go to palm mute after playin around it gives me really bad feedback out of nowhere and this the only that has me stumped.

i play in drop b, i was thinkin it might be my strings resinating after i damp the strings but im not even sure

if anyone has some ideas of wat it is or wat to do plz leave some posts on this.
There are alot of factors that can cause feedback. Could be the pickups. Could be your amp or settings. Could just be to much gain.
A good noise gate/supressor will solve the feedback problem easily. I'd recommend the ISP Decimator G-String. I have one and absolutely love it. Works amazing. If you can't afford the G-String model the regular Decimator will probably work just fine. Although I'd say the G-String is definitely worth the investment. You'll never need another noise supressor ever again.

There are plenty of other brands and models out there that'll probably do a decent enough job too. I'm just giving you the best option.
If you dont want to spill cash on a gate, simple things like standing as far away from your amp as possible will help, facing away from the speakers, reducing your amps gain. But experiment with different guitars (ie pickups) and cables, and if you're running pedals, by trail and error see if turning one off helps reduce the FB. Also check that no pedals are running on their highest output vol...
If none of those things work, probably worth getting a gate. Good luck