i'm just the new owner of a marshall jcm 800 2205 1987and now i'm asking to myself, which cab should i get?
i play sum 41, billy talent, metallica, linkin park, soad and my song.
i would prefer something with 2 speakers 'cause i don't want to scare my parents.
my budget is under 300$ i will probably buy it used.

i've already see a Cabinet 2x12 Celestion 200 watts
with 2 original Celestion G12H-100 form 1977 for 300$
i d'ont know if it's good and i'm open to your suggestion

Is it a 50w or 100w JCM 800?
By the way, can you recommend any Billy Talent amp settings please!
Oh by the way, have you got space to really crank your amp?

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lol mesa boogie cab bro!

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