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3 75%
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1 25%
Voters: 4.
Dry Foliage

Fishermen of prostration
between the palms and the sea;
with no purpose to go on,
don’t go- not before
the ether of the sunny clime.
But not to abide in false hope
In a barren vessel where two desolations
dare meet under the Ravi river.
Restless souls; abstract in stillness
aroused in the warm mist
of deception. Aching spirits
of abomination, wherein Ganga;
humility is endless.
Let’s go.

Point Not Taken

So I’m supposed to write a poem
To compete with someone I don’t know
For points that don’t matter
In the long run
Or in the big picture

It’s like money
Good to have but you can’t take it with you
In the earth to spend it in hell
So on this site I’m buying the devil shots
Getting him so drunk that I reach his soft side
And get him to scratch my back
Talking sweet as we have a laugh
Sing him to sleep with a lullaby
Cut off his horns and glue them to my forehead
I guess if I win I’ll finally be a success
No thanks to satan