Im not really new to guitar, iv played a bit and i believe that Im good, definetly not the best and i still have a long way to go, but i can play a lot of stuff and im pretty fast. Recentely i changed my picking technique from anchored to floating and then after that i had to change it again cause im working on muting strings im not playing on and so forth. All in all lately even tho im working with the whole picking/muting thing i feel im not getting any better, im not sure what it is. I only know pretty basic theory and only a like 3 scales(i focus most my time on technique) but i want to be able to write my own songs. Could someone help me write out some kind of schedule or something, so i could work out the technique i need to work on and the theory and scales and all that?

Would really help, thanks.
oh and a couple other things, I play some technique exercises but it gets boring after playing the same ones for a while so i usually just play songs and learn the solos and riffs and all of that, thats pretty much what got me to my playing level now and a few exercises, so i was also wondering if you could recommend any good exercises and how often i should play them and so on.
www.guitarprinciples.com has everything you'd need to know about practicing.

No one here can really make a schedule for you. If you find doing some things boring,
a schedule isn't going to help you much. It's most useful when you enjoy doing
EVERYTHING, but need to limit the time you spend on any one thing. If you're looking
to a schedule to "make" you practice certain things, your time might be better spent
trying to figure out why you chose to make those things boring.
well its just that by playing the same thing over and over again for hundreds of times doesn't feel like im improving its just feels very repetitive. The sites book cost 30 dollars. I just wonder what other people do and how much time they put in to song writing, technique, theory, improvisation and where and how i could improve on those things and how much time to spend on each. Maybe i just need to figure that out on my own but i was wondering if anyone could give some tips