I am ganna start a jammin with some friends and realize my AD50Vt isnt going to cut it.
Budget is 300.
I like playin punk like Casualties, Cheap Sex, stuff like that but i also like a good clean for some good overdriven hard rock.

Ive been looking at the Crate V-series and I looked at valvekings, the valvekings made me want to throw up after playing them for another 30 minutes and the BJ's couldnt get a nice distortion(excellent cleans).

The crate is a good compramise its got great natural OD and the gain is great and gets me an eassy crunch with a few EQ changes.

the cleans are better than the valvekings and i find the Onboard DS to be more bearable than it as well.

My question is this tough, how reliable are these amps.
Will it blow after a couple months?

Should i get a modeler like a flextone to be more on the safe side.
Altough its got good tone, its no valve amp tough, but its more reliable than tubes dont have to be changed once a year.
If i do get a V-series would a V18 be anough for back yard parties or should i get a 30, and also would a 30 be enough to play cleans and cut trough.

I plan on buyin used and getting a BEE Green screamer, and changing out the speker with some warehouses.

Any other suggestions will be apreciated.
This will be my first tube amp, other than some cheap fender tube amp I bought from the 80's, that was real shit.
I really don't like the valve king line either.

crate is pretty good. If you can find a Crate RFX120, those are good.

30 tube watts is enough for most things, especially a jam session, if you can't hear yourself just raise your amp off the ground.
The Crate will do you fine for what you're after.

As long as you take care of it, it'll be fine.
Quote by THEKID546
For 300 bucks its a godsend if you ask me.

what the hell are you talking about?

with $300, go to every garage sale, look at every local used listing site, and check ebay every half hour for a vintage tube amp. look for some sort of old Traynor, Garnet, Ampeg, or Sunn that you can crank the shit out of.


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if he got a v-series, he wouldn't need a pedal, just the speaker change.


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So why is the AD50 no cutting it?
What kind of music do you play?
Make sure you will retain your cleans on cranked V18, Class A, EL84s
The V50 may suite you better and I believe it has 6L6 power tubes and has 2 channels
Can you look used and if so what is your closest major city

oh, and here is stock Valveking 112 I believe no pedals. pretty clean to me.
^yah i know its clean.
Any amp can play cleans, its just i dont like how they sound.

Obviosly it has onbaord DS and i didnt like it either.
I live in SoCal so I dont expect there to be a shortage of used amps around here.

And yes thats what ive been doing, looking used, or going as cheap as there going i can just buy it new.

The Ad50 is a good modeler its just i dont like how it feels, it dosent fell like a real amp should.

I play punk and classic rock/hard rock. no metal.

What i want to know is if the V-18 would cut it for back yard stuff if i put it at chest/head level.

I think it would but i wouldnt be able to get any cleans out of it right.
^bomb, thanks alot.
I think i like the british sound better than the american.
Ill probly get the V50 if i find a well priced one and get some yellow jackets, to make it more british.
If not then ill just get a V18 and do what i said, change the speakers and buy a few cheap good pedals like BBE.
Down the road i might convert it into a head and buy a 212 avatar cab.
Thanks alot again.