Anybody ever done a case for a guitar? I need a hardshell case for my Gibson SG but the cost to buy a hardshell is a little much for me. I know I could just as easily buy a cheaper brand case but I started thinking about it and I have a sweet custom case idea. I just want to see if anyone has done this, what the total cost was and what materials were used.
I have a similar Gibson case for the Chet Atkins SST so I'm sure the same dimensions apply so I can use that for a template. I'm planning on covering it with vinyl, double stitching it around instead of the usual single stitch, plush interior with the satin sleeve (either the pink, light blue or maybe a custom dark blue or purple color, I can't decide right now), outside would probably either be brown or black or maybe something custom depending on vinyl. After that I'd use the gold latches, and maybe do some custom decorations on the side.
This plan could either be awesome to complement the guitar or totally horrible.
Make it out of plywood, I don't see it costing more than $50.
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I don't see it costing any more than that either. I was thinking either 1/8" or 1/4" plywood. 1/8" seems a little thin though. The remnants for the vinyl covering would be easy and cheap I would think, as would the plush interior. The satin shroud I could make. Next would just be hinges, maybe a lock and the clasps which don't cost much. I think that's it.
1/2 would be great, or 3/8.

All in all it is a pretty simple task, you're right. It's just measuring really, and the parts are cheap.
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Id go with 1/2 plywood, and im sure you can find some felt or something for the lining at any craft store.
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there are custom instrument case builders here in virginia, their cases go for 100-1000+ dollars, cnc cut with figured wood veneers and laid with cloth/foam/shag rug/whatever.


If I'm paying $1000 for a case, it had better be lines with Christ's pubes. That's crazy money for a case.

Hell, I would buy a case for my case, just to make sure it didn't get damaged!
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