so yeah, this is probably the last song I'm going to do in my melodic metal style for a while as I've taken quite a liking to complex proggy stuff and I want to get into that style more now. This is also probably one of the best songs I've written in quite a while. As some of you may notice, the outro is from one of my previous efforts, but I scrapped that one as a song and am just keeping it as a riff collection now. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy, and I'll do C4C when I get the chance to return it.

EDIT: I changed the outro and the tuning as I think it sounds better in drop D than drop C.
New melodic metal.zip
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I love the intro, very melodic and the strings sound good.

Main theme and Riff 1 sounds very good too.
Riff 2 is very melodic and sounds good
Didn't like riff 3 but i usually don't like piano so...
Loved the tapped parts.
Beautiful interlude
Mini solo sounds very good
Harmonized part is awesome, the melody in it is very good
Didn't like the outro but i like how it fades

Structure of the song is good so you won't get bored.
Very Melodic, just the way i like it but
I just didn't like the piano parts maybe they were a little too long
very good song though 9/10
downright amazing!
no problems, I'm upset that you'll be leaving the melodicness to do proggy stuff; but
I can tell your just super ****ing talented and it's going to be insanely well.

amazing tune again man; can't wait to hear the new stuff!
I like the harmonizing in the intro, simple but effective.
Very epic sounding with the strings.
Main theme is very cool, reminds me of demons and wizards (not directly but it has that epic feel).
Acoustic transition is good.
I really like Riff VII, nice use of tapping.
Interlude was good and was needed. Shows some light / shade.

Ok well the song is obviously very well thought out, all the melodies are wonderful! You really are great at writing melodies! Holds an epic feel throughout.

My only complaint is that it does borderline self indulgent - but if it is an instrumental then I think thats okay - I'm just saying there wouldn't be much room for a singer in there.

Crit mine?
To be honest, I'm kinda glad you're moving away from this genre. Not that it's bad, I just think you hit your peak a few songs ago (Frozen In Time/That really long one with no name) and you're best off moving on...plus your proggy stuff sounds awesome!

Basically with almost everything in this my thoughts are the same - it's very good, but you've done better. You've exhausted this genre really lol. That said, it's still nice work:

Intro: The strings are by far the best part. Again the acoustics are good but I think you'd agree you've done better. I like the way you're using 6/8 for the main riff but it doesn't really jump out at me that much melodically.

Riff I: For me the drums ruin this. The snare sounds really off. I like the riff though, although it could do with some more bass in the rhythm guitar somewhere.

Riff II: Haha, love the way when I crit something I'm not too fond of you've already sorted it - bass here is excellent. Good little linking riff.

Riff III: Good use of piano and the acoustic fits nicely as well. Riff IV does a good job for this as well.

Riff V: Best thing in this song so far - the acoustic below distortion is my favourite trademark of yours. Great stuff

Riff VI: I think here is where it's most apparent that you're running out of ideas for your material. You've done the tapping stuff much better in other songs and here it just doesn't sound as good. Riff VI is a nice take on the tapping though although I'd like to see some fast speedpicking licks in one of those bars between the taps

Interlude: Nice and melodic, the song definitely needed a break and the acoustic guitar here is very good as well. Leads well into riff VI - again very solid; good harmonisation. I really like the first guitar in the theme reprisal, really gives the section a lift. Great riff.

Mini Solo - not bad but I've heard you do better. The harmonisation section however is absolutely amazing! Good work post-solo with the piano, leads well into the outro - you love these piano breakdowns!

Yeah, I think you get my general gist here - it's good but there's very little here that you haven't done better before. I am really looking forward to hearing more of your proggy stuff - gives you a chance to really show off your talents.
It's good, but like some others have said, nothing you havent done before.

Although, I did really like the riffs with piano under/in them/whatever. Those were probably my favorite parts.
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dude......*high five* thats stuff is amazing like seriously!!!!


extremely well composed

im speechless!
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Another one of your melodic pieces eh?

The intro is great, although I feel it didn't needthat many guitars, maybe 1 could cover both melodies. Again, the strings are great, I don't know how you use them, you have to post lessons..

F***ing awesome main theme, typical of you, with the harmonization, harmonic minor, gallops, etc.

Riff 1 is good, seems more like ambiental rather than attention seeker. IN this case the attention seeker is Riff 2 (good too).
Nice use of piano at Riff 3.
Riff 4 sounds similar to Riff 2, except for the "slow" (or slower for a better term) part.
I don't know how you (or anybody) is supposed to play the piano parts though (Riff 3, Riff 5).

Well, nothing more said about every individual riff, they develop the theme and then come back to it, and it works great, it always worked great in your songs (although I have to say it does seem as an overused method of yours).

The main theme is a little bit different, I think the first one was better, but this one is good too nevertheless..

I also like how you alternate the beginning riffs after that, makes you remember those riffs that happened before, and doesn't sound repetitive.

The piano part was mellow and good, great breakdown..
Well, the acoustic part was also mellow, but less mellow than the piano part (it needs to be heavier, for a better transition to Riff 8).
Nice leads, again.

(PS:A question, why do everybody harmonize in 3rds? , I do it sometimes and it does sound good, bu it is funny everybody harmonizes the same way)

Good mini solo there, 255-256 great timing and note choice, best part of the solo (so unusual too).
The outro is great too, the piano parts sound like those you find in assembles of songs, you know, for techno or for other things (at least the ones I hear in my gym).

Great song, again...

Wanna crit one of mine?
My newest one is the last one in my sig, if you want to check

Again, the "wave" (ascending, descending) piano sounds great.