i've been playing around 3 years now, and my band is going to start gigging soon
thing is i'm still using a yamaha pacifica 112 and while this is great as a beginers guitar, it's still a beginners guitar and i think its time to upgrade.

i'm thinking of spending around £400-£500 ish on a new axe but i don't know what kinda guitars would be best to try and untimately buy
the band playes lots from almost acoustic songs to stuff like 30 seconds to mars or all american rejects, but i like to play heavyer stuff too like old avenged sevenfold.
i really need a guitar thats flexible enough to cover all of that, but still sound and look ace

any suggestions of good guitars to try out would be great
Alright, I'm gonna answer this with either ESP or Schecter - both have quality instruments for your budget. I personally prefer Schecter, but that's preference.

However, I'm also going to say that this exact question has been asked several hundred times in the past month or two, and you should probably use the search bar first before asking something redundant.
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Haha yeah, a good place to start research is every other thread about this.

I like Schecters for the coil-tapping. I just got a C-1+ with pups upgraded to real SDs for $335 on ebay, which is much, much less than your budget but it's definitely as good or better than anything in that range. I spend a lot of time at GC and I'm pretty confident about it.
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One of the most versatile guitars ever made. A MIA Stratocaster would suit you well.
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I'd go for something like an Epiphone LP, possibly the Prophecy range or an ESP Eclipse series.

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I challenge you to find a better deal than that.
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