Spent a lot of time on the music for these lyrics so if you could give up a few minutes to crit that would be nice leave a link and I'll crit yours.

Verse 1:
I'll cross my fingers and hope we fall in love
Give you a ring that would never come off
If only we could click, if only you and I would fit

Verse 2:
Like two lost pieces from a jigsaw
We'd melt together and watch ourselves fall
We both have something, we need to give but it won't go

My heart rejects yours with every chance it gets
I find myself thinking maybe it would be the best
If I gave up searching for someone who has left
And fell smack in love, for your happiness

But then I wake up
Oh I need to toughen up (Oh I need to grow up)

Verse 3:
We'd find a man selling lovers potion
Drink it all down and see what happens
In between the sheets, "I can not live without you beside me"

Verse 4:
But in the morning all that were left with
Is sober hearts that can now see straight
A headache fading off, as awkward silence follows us home.
$hit Omgz tat is so weirdz..

But seriously. it's strange, however i could definetely see it work
a little lost.....