hey was up. i have a behringer GX112 guitar amp and the other day me and my friends were jamming, i had the amp turned about half way up and then it suddenly stoped working. it still gets power but all it does is buzz. even if the volume is turned all the way down it stil buzz's, and the buzz does not get louder if you turn the volume up, it just stays the same. Is this as simple as a blown speaker or is it something else? any ideas would be very helpful. thanks.
if i can find one about how much does that cost and how hard would it be to fix
Its Probs cos its behringer. There stuff is great. Just doesnt last long. How long have you had it?
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i just took it apart and looked at it. there are 4 bigger ones and 6 smaller ones and none of them look burned up or anything. is there a way to tell if they are bad? i have never messed with an amp like this before
ya i gotta go to work right now but ill take one and post it up tomorrow
Check EVERY solder joint...

If all is good: Test every solder joint with a multimeter. You will eventually find what is broken and you can replace it.

Good luck
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Theres one, but make sure that thats it. It looks like a black resistor with a silver band.

If it is it, then its 2 soldering joints. Piece of cake.

if that is the problem then make sure you it in the right way round or more stuff will go pop
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You guys missed a clue. If it was a rectifier, the volume of the buzzing would still change with the volume pot. I'm thinking the amplifier chip is shot. And I just had to laugh... "quite small, about the size of a 100 watt resistor." LOL