The Unseen already ruined Talking Bombs. They don't need to do anymore covers.
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I am a fan of their Beat It cover. And Paint It Black. For some reason I always thought the Doom theme would be excellent for them.

I guess I'm the only one.
there music has been done 5000000000000000000000000x and there singer isnt good on the cds and even worse live. personally aside froma few songs i cant stand them. and they do do a good paint it black cover
They are pretty average. I like some of their songs, and some I don't. They are pretty average live, nothing special. Mark is totally an asshole. I talked to him for a bit, and he's really arrogant.
I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.
He was hanging out at the merch table, and a few kids were asking him to sign their tickets or shirts they bought, and he just seemed so disgusted that he was asked to sign something.

I did get to bum some cigarettes from their bassist though. That was cool.
I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.
Mark's a rockstar asshole? Are you kidding me? The guy talked to me for literally a half hour when I met him. I thought he was pretty down to earth and cool.