What would be a really good college to go to? I've done some researching and haven't been able to find anything.
i don't undestand. a college to teach at or a college to get a teaching qualification thing?
University of Georgia

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English language and literature - naturally.

Maybe history with that aswel, or another writing subject, i mean even an art could help for diversity.
How can we tell you if we don't know where you live?
Come to UCD.
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ok i live in cleveland, oh. i want to be an english teacher because i want to be a teacher and i like english more that anything else.
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ok i live in cleveland, oh. i want to be an english teacher because i want to be a teacher and i like english more that anything else.

What grades would you prefer to teach? Elementary school? High School? College/Uni?

Ask your guidance couselor about what college offers the best English program in your area.
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University of Georgia


to learn english? you're kidding right?
I used to live in georgia. that is a terrible university.
i want to become a teacher guys... and i want to teach at a high school.
well I'm an English teacher at berlitz, if thats any help.

to work here you need a high school degree and an 8-day training course.

But, you have to have the talent.

EDIT: but its a good place to see if you would even like the job. If you dont like teaching 3 adults, you'll never like teaching 20+ kids
I'm also considering teaching English. I've started by helping out in my school (i'm in the college, it's a combined school/6th form centre) and teaching some of the younger years.
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If you're in the UK, University of Sussex. My ex girlfriends sister went there and said it was brilliant. She is now doing her final year of teacher training at Cambridge.
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Awesome guy right here
I want to be an English teacher too. High five!

Anyway, you can go to basically any college with English majors. It might help to minor in education too.
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