So I went to GC today and I was dead set on getting a fender blues junior. They are either $479 or $579 depending on if I want the one with the jenson speaker, anyway. I see they have three different half stacks on sale for roughly the same price. I want to play more blues style music, I want to be able to get the SRV style tone, but that is not all I strictly want to play. I play regular alternative, grunge, metal as well. Am I going to be able to get the SRV tone with these half stacks, should I just get the bj, or am I just going to wish later that I got a half stack? If I should just forget about the blues junior which one of these should I get to be able to play what I am looking for?

Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Half Stack with Digital Effects

Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack Package

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Raven RG100H and RG412 Half Stack

Get the blues Jr.

Maybe a hot rod deluxe, that'll do grunge, not metal though. Other people will suggest metal amps. Those half stacks that you listed are garbage. All of them.
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I think there is no more need for this thread to continue

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blues junior always beats ANYTHING MG and most line6. basic rule: if it says anything other than MG, and its that or an MG, always get the other one.