it is what it is > can i get a good mesa boogie head for under 700 quid

I play classic rock, indie, modern rock, umm whatever U2 (modern rock - really?) is, bit of jazz and blues.

I gig quite alot so it needs to be reliable and loud enough - not big venues like clubs, small festivals and shit like that.

Don't mind if its second hand

Ive looked into the Marshall 1987x, JTM 45 and Rocker 30 - but i want to get some rack effects liek TC elec G Major and maybe that behringer tuner

So can i get a mesa boogie head for that kinda price? Cheers
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yeah somit may come up, but like what actual models are the best for the under 1000quid range(from mesa)
I wouldn't even look at Mesa amps if you're in the UK. Way too overpriced and there's many other amps that would suit your styles better imo.
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The only models you would be able to get for 1300 new would be the express series combos. I would say be on the look out for a Lonestar 2x12 combo. they usually go for around 1200-1300 used and have tons of tonal options and features. you would probably need an OD for heavier metal but blues and indie it will do just fine as is.
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MatricClaw - what other amps would suit me best?

(anyone) - I ony went to mesa cos i know that they are just ace, and was just checking them out

What amp can accept decent rack FX whislt keeping a good vintage tone - or dont the racks effect the vintage tone i know the edge uses shit loads of racks witht eh sexy vintage ac30.

Is the 1987x a good idea for hendrix, page, slash (ish) tones,and be able to get good modern stuff by using racks c

The 1987x does the Hendrix, Page tones very well.

I'll just let you know however that you will most likely never get the kind of overdrive you need out of it though unless you plan on playing VERY VERY loud. It stays clean until a pretty loud volume (by the time you hit 2 or 3 on the volume, it pretty much maxes out unless you snip the bright cap)

Likewise for the JTM45. Unless you can consistently turn these amps way up, they are most likely not for you.

They are great versatile amps but some people just cannot deal with not having a master volume (or switchable channels)


Don't use the volume in the video as any indicator, if you've never played one, you have no clue how loud that amp is.
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