Hey umm started a band with some mates from school and weve started writing songs. Now i can write rythm parts but i cant seem to write anything else for the second guitar player so they end up playing the rythm part as well.
Can you guys please help because im kind of stuck on this.
try jest messin around, impeov with your buds, and tou should be able to think of somethin.
record the rythm part on your computer, put it on loop, then try and write licks over the top, just improvise and have fun. When youve found something you like, nothing complicated, keep playing that and maybe embellish it. You have yourslef a lead line.
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Look at how your favourite bands use 2 guitars, and incorporate it into your music in your own way
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I struggled with this as well. Depending on what music you're playing, harmonizing lead stuff is excellent. If you can't record on your computer, a video camera will work fine, as well. I wrote the better part of my solos for my old guitar teacher using nothing but.

If you don't know the theory behind soloing, check it out in the beginner's forum and then try to write some good stuff over a few simple progressions to begin.

Best of luck to you.