Recently me and my friend have form a band, like lots of horns, keyboards, guitars and drums, singers, about 15 of us, and i wasnt sure what sort of songs we could do. We want to do bluesy-jazzy - rock n roll stuff, I was thinking , mustang sally, green onions and honky tonk women as some songs to do. But im not sure.

So some song suggestions would be nice, and what people think of the three i listed (i have no expiernce with this type of group)

We want stuff were there can be loads of improvisation during it.

Thanks in advanced
Well, I'm presuming some of you have decent ears, transcribe some Dave Matthews Band stuff.
They've got some really cool songs to play, figuring your drummer's good.
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id say, at first
just get your drummer to start a beat
tell everyone to play in E cos its easy.
Have guitar come in with a riff in E
then bass
then others etc.
what you can do is have everyone get into a constant rythm after a few mins then have each person improvise, just to see if its workin
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