ok, i have a Mesa Boggie Dual Rec. I normally dont do alot of switching of channels and FX, but my bands newer stuff has DRAMATIC tone and FX changes. i need a relativly cheap way of going from dirty to clean with fx already on the clean. i was looking at the TC Electronics G Major, but it says i need an additional switching system to go along with the G major and midi board. wtf? im new to all this midi crap, but i want to learn. i just need something i can make banks with, switch FX & channels and still use my Dual R. pre-amp. cuz i mean honestly.......would you buy a Mesa and use a something else for your dirty tones? i think not..........need help!
I really have no clue on midi stuff either. Seems confusing but maybe someone else can explain it better so bump for ya. Personally, i would just find a medium duty FX pedal like a RP500, GNX, Boss Me-50 or whatever, or something else by TC Elct.

good luck