if someone says that your music will make good meditation music,is that a slight?

Depends on what you were trucking for doesn't it.

Were you aiming for br00t4alz death metal?


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do you want people to be able to meditate to your music? if so then im guessin its a compliment. If you're supposed to be a hard fast thrash band then id say its a slight (whatever the hell that is)
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It means that there isn't enough movement or progression to stimulate thought processes. I'd say it was definitely a slight.

Unless of course, it's from someone who doesn't know how to meditate.
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Slight is an insult.
Depends entirely on the inflection they used when they said it, and we're not the ones who can tell.
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If you looked up slight, then...

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How does no one know what a slight is?

It depends what you were going for really.

an insult im guessing
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it depends on what you're trying to do with your music. what kind of band are you playing in?
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It really depends. If your music is heavy metal, that person is essentially saying your music is boring haha. If you write reggae or downtempo electronica, then I'd take it as a compliment.
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