I've been playing guitar for a few months, and finally decided to switch to bass. I just ordered my bass today. Any tips for a new bass player?

Any useful and/or practical tips about playing bass?
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ha, no, dont go back to guitar. Learn some exercises so you get used to stretching your fingers across all the frets(not ALL the frets, just 4 at a time, u no what i mean :P), thats the hardest most annoying thing about bass. start off slow and dont get frustrated and giv up when someting doesnt work straight away.
Gd luck!!!
Read the FAQ
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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Practice on your wife
Once again...read the FAQ. And if you have any specific questions regarding bass, come back and post up a new thread.