Ok so I started a band around when school started and we havn't had the full band to come and practice. My bassist is the only one that comes to pretty much 85% of our practices. Then my drummer comes to about as much if not less. And of course the rest really don't show up. My singer never ever came once but I know he has a good voice because he sings to a lot of songs and he sounds amazing. Then our 2 rhythm guitarists are pretty good but one hasn't done shit and we might kick him out and my other rythm guitarist is good and is actually wanting to practice but he never is able to. So we have only 3 members that practice a majority of the practices we have. I just don't know what to do and it seems my drummer is starting to fade away from all of this because we don't practice and there are no other kids in my school that are good at singing. I don't think its gonna work out and I don't wanna give up because I've wanted to do this for a while and I've writin a lot of songs.
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Well if you've got a guitarist, drummer, and bassist at practice just work from there.