I’ve posted here before, but if you haven’t seen my other posts:

My band Tetrafusion (instrumental prog rock/metal) has had their EP out/available for several months now, and we just finished recording/mastering another song from our upcoming album. Check out “Dark Matter”…our newest song. It is one of our heavier songs, and the first half is a little different from the second half, so listen through the whole thing if you can. Our first CD will be purely instrumental, but any future albums we write will have vocals…we’ve been asked this question many times (couldn’t find an adequate singer for three years). Anyway, we’re simply looking for feedback from a musical standpoint as well as a quality/production standpoint.

MySpace quality can be embarrassing at times, so to hear the full uncompressed version please check our BetaRecords page:

www.betarecords.com/tetrafusion (just click the play button beside it..it is sort of hard to see)

or simply our MySpace:



www.tetrafusion.net (official website)

Our upcoming CD is a concept album based on cosmology and physics. You can read the full album concept in our latest blog entry right here:


Feel free to check out the other 4 songs if you haven’t heard them already (I’ve posted here before).

Hope you enjoy..Thanks for everyone’s time. I really appreciate it.

-Mark (TF)
Good stuff. In the Beginning sounds cool, dark Matters not bad either.

Without sounding like a dick I want to give you some critique on Dark Matter:
-The piano part needs to tighten up a bit, it sounds overly simplistic and out of place.
-The timings akward, but then again that fits the theme so kudos on that.
-Your drummer rocks.
-Personally I 'd get a little crazier with the guitar riff, then again I know your trying not to sound to heavy and stay in theme.

All in all good stuff, it's inspiring seeing people really take a shot at putting tracks together. I gotta start recording, and I need a ****ing drummer!!!
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Dark Matter is WILD.

Changed things around not trying to have the same sound as everone else out there these days, good work!
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wow Dark Matter is sick! If you guys ever get a singer to match your vibe it would be insane

also may I ask how do you get pictures above your myspace profile. My band is going to be doing a revamp on our page. So any tips you got or someone I can talk to about it would be great. Thanks
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