Ok, Iv'e decided I can really get into any instrument within a few months, here are my options:

Drums; been playing 7 years, just feel like I can't go anywhere with this. I have to play the same stuff, and beyond crazy prog and theory, there's nothing original to do.

Blues guitar (mostly improvisation); 2 or 3 years, I'm the kind of person that likes to have the music written down in front of me, and be able to analyse it. I feel like I can't do that with Blues improv, and once I can play one thing, I can play it all.
Slide, tapping, sweep, shred, slap are all nice novelty things to do with a guitar, but far too narrow to really get into

Classical guitar; 1 year, I really hate classical pieces. learnt Angie and Classical Gas, but now that I know them inside out, they feel to restrictive, and there's really not much else out there for classical guitar like Classical Gas.

Banjo; had a quick look at some pieces, they are all really folk country stuff which I hate. Where's the crazy duelling Banjos stuff?!

My Ideal musical instrument I guess would be quiet so that I can play at night (i.e,. instruments with an electronic alternative), versatile, allows me sit down with the music in front and really learn a single piece properly and allows mke to use what I already know so it is easier. Any suggestions? Anyone else had to re-think thier musical choices several years down the line?
Blues Guitar.

By the last paragraph, electric piano seems to fit you.

Explore other instruments, too.
learn electric guitar properly, not just blues, move into metal, jazz. country, rock, prog, fusion, shred,
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Piano ftw. Wish I new how to play piano =/ you can do SOOO much with piano. Classical, modern keyboard, jazz and blues, rock, hip hop.
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I'd have to go with piano too. Then get yourself some pro recording stuff and try and take on Trent Reznor and the likes with your one man bandness.
angie is classical music?
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angie is classical music?

I meant classical/fingerstyle, as classical gas isn't really classical anyway.
id say piano, bass or mandolin. everytime i hear led zeppelin's battle of evermore, i wish i could play mandolin.
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