First off, apologies for the "ye".

Ibanez FL301-DX

I found this in the back of one of my drawers. TBH I had forgotten all about it, I got given it as a payment for my work experience placement ages ago but it ate batteries and I already had a flange effect on the Cube 30 I had at the time. However, now I realise that I can probably find a use for it on my pedal board.

Couple of questions:

Anyone have experience/know anything about this pedal? I haven't had a chance to use it again yet because it's too late at night. Is it any good, or just trash?

If it is worth keeping, what power adaptor lead should I use? I have a power supply on my pedalboard but it's not the right connection, is there another lead I can use to connect my power supply with this pedal?

Cheers for any help guys!
looks old enough, older Ibanez stuff was good as far as im concerned
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I've done some research and found that this model was released in the late 70s or early 80s, I'm not sure which.
^Easily Done. Couldn't last night, it was too late. I quite like the sound of it, It's definitley a keeper.

I have a problem with it power supply however; It doesn't use the same connector that all my other pedals do, so I don't have the right lead. Can anyone shed any light on what one it is? It looks like a 1/16" Jack input.