OK I've had my bass for a couple years now but i've just now realized something. Whenever i tune low or play slap by the pickups (i never do this anymore) The strings hit the open pups causing them to make a poping sound. Now i'm kinda worried that im doing some wrong to my pickups. Anyway is there anything i could do to fix this?'

higher guage strings, what do you have on there now?
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Either play with a lighter touch or lower the pickups.

It can't hurt the pickups, but pops like that are generally not enjoyed by speakers.
I used to have the same problem here man, all I did was get a screw driver and lower my pickups. Problem solved.
try a turn. then play it.

if it still isn't good, repeat.
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i would work on my technique before adjusting the p-ups. generally speaking, the p-ups are adjusted at the factory for optimum performance.