I am a freshman this year, and I am writing my first 8-10 page paper. The class I am writing it for is a history class, western heritage:modernity. History has never been my strong suit, I am sort of stuck in finding a strong valid arguement one way or another to write about concerning one of these topics:
-conceptions of human nature
-relationship of religion and politics
-requirements for human freedom

The course has covered topics starting with the era of Aristotle, Socrates and Plato up to The French Revolution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Lol, what a coincidence. I'm procrastinating from writing my history paper on UG too!
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your coming to the pit to get help on a collage paper... would it be rude of me to point out the obvious flaw in your plan
Rligion and politics is probably the easiest, and by far widest topic.
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