I've been planning some modifications to my Peavey strat copy. I am looking to change the Tuners and Bridge first of all, then add new pickups in January when funds allow.

Looking at other examples of people modding Peaveys I had thought that there was space for a H-S-H pickup combination, but having just opened up the guitar for cleaning it seems there's only space for S-S-H.

I'd already decided in my head the combination of pickups that I wanted for H-S-H, so my question is how difficult would it be to make the modification to the body for the humbucker space? Would it have any detrimental effect on the guitar, and would you recommend it as a job for an experienced guitar repairer/luthier?

All you need is a router, and to make it really easy, a template.

It will have no ill effects if you do it right, and with the use of a template it should be incredibly easy to do.

If you aren't confident with your skills using power tools, or you don't have a router, you can get it done by a wood shop for maybe... $15. It will only take them a couple minutes.
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buy a humbucker in a single coil format if you really dont want to do routing of the guitar, you can google them, im not sure what they're like, but im guessing they'll be quite good, so you could even have H-H-H, with the humbucker in the bridge and then the single format humbuckers in the middle and neck
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I don't mind having the guitar altered, as long as it won't be detrimental to the overall sound or construction. I think it's doubtful I'd do it myself - electrics and tuners I'd mentally prepared for, as for cutting chunks out of the guitar... I'd feel more happy letting someone experienced do it.

I've really set my heart on the pickups I wanted for a specific sound combination, so as long as it's not harmful to the guitar I'll be going to see a carpenter in the near future.
I hadn't thought of that.

Seymour Duncan does Hot Rail and Cool Rails, for one example. Lace does some too I think.


No, routing a few ounces of wood out of your guitar will have no noticeable effect on the guitar.
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They're called 'stacked' humbuckers.

It's not at all hard. My first time, I didn't have a router OR template. I put a router bit in my drill press and freehanded it a little at a time. Just measure the existing HB cavity and duplicate them in the neck position.
Thanks for your help people

The pickup combination I've kinda settled on is:

Neck -> Seymour Duncan Phat Cat

Middle -> Rio Grande Dirty Harry Jr RWRP

Bridge -> DiMarzio D-Activator

The neck and mid are P90s in a humbucker and single coil case respectively.

Does it look like a good set to you?