Story put short the store I am a sales associate at is thinking of picking up Dean guitars. We would not be a USA dealer, and also wouldn't stock our walls with every single dimebag. I am looking for any testimonials or anyone with experience with say the Hard tail, Cadillac, Vendetta, Evo, V, and Z series. Anything from the low end to the 700-800$ styles

Any info or testimonials would be awesome. Right now we carry Fender, Austin (Epiphone copy) electrics, and in need of a heavy-rock and roll influence.

And before it's said, there are two shops including a GC within 10 miles that carry brands like Ibanez, Schecter, ESP, and they have tons and tons of them on the wall. And we know the dean rep personally and he is a great guy, and they have great service.
Overpriced, etc.
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Ask H4T3BR33D3R. I'm sure he played a few MIK Deans...
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You should read some reviews of those guitars. You will find a lot more reviews on these guitars than you will get posts in this thread. I think that the reviews written by people that own the guitar would be most useful. You could look at the reviews on ultimate guitar, and you also could search the internet for reviews.
People like MG's on those kind of reviews. I was hoping for some people that know what there doing on here for example. I'm not sold on Dean, but i thought they were complete shit before i tried a few out.
I love mine, but it's a MIK Razorback so not sure useful that'd be for you
my friend seems to like his quite a bit though and it's a V, though I don't remember how much it was right now
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I doubt this is useful, as my dean is a 2002 model, but I like it.
Its an ML X7 I got from a pawn shop, so I don't know if any other work has been done to it, but it has good fret work, sides are comfortable but a couple high spots in the upper frets, good durability, a few chips, but nothing structural. Electronics are passable, nothing spectacular or overly horrible.

I don't know how much the low end deans have changed in 6 years, but I'm a fan of mine
I own a Dean Vendetta with FR and it plays really good. I bought it about 2 months ago i havent had any problems with it at all it is a solid guitar I wish it came with some better pickups but o well the stock ones work OK.
I've owned and played quite a few of them. I would say that they're overpriced for the quality of the instrument. They do play well, but for the amount of money you put out for a Dean, there are better options. I just sold my Dean CFHDFH to a friend for, IMO, a good price. It was a good playing guitar, but not really worth the price tag. I've played the Razorbacks, Razorback V's, Dime-O Flames, DFHCFH's, I believe the Warbird, and a bunch of lower priced ones, and I felt the same towards all of them. The only Deans I felt were descent/good were the USA models. The last USA Dean I played was a Razorback V, and it played very well, but that wasn't worth the price tag to me either. ($2200USD Used I believe.)

I guess it's all preferance really, but I don't think I'll be buying another Dean anytime in the future. As far as there imports, I think they should work on raising the quality instead of the prices. I haven't played enough USA models to know wether or not they all play as nice as the USA RB V I last played.
I've got 4 deans. The cheapest one being the MLXP (china) i bought for my G/F and I thought that was even worth the price new. the only 1 i tried that i really didn't like was the 1980 caddy reissue. the usual dean tone just wasn't there and it just felt wrong, but that's just me. As far as sig's go I just won't buy them. i don't care if they're deans or Gilmour strats or whatever. More bang for the buck with a standard guitar you upgrade yourself be it dean or anything else.
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