so i play bass and i would like to look up some bass tabs for structure in whats up, the thing is there are none for none typical band. thats not good, im sorry. i know for hard core its not to diverse but indie is a different story. i have some bands in mind that i would like tabbed and if you have bands that i should look up that would be all to splendid. so any takers???

some bands i like (tell me if there tabbed and if you enjoy them to and want them tabbed maybe we could work together or get someone good and passionate about this whole tabbing deal)

Call To Preserve, for today, the great commission, death comes fast, brave heart, venia, destruction of a king, in for life, take vengeance, bear grills, stick to your guns, oh, sleeper, a plea for purging, minds of plague, bloody Sunday, force of change, sleeping giant, death star, choose your stance, dr.acula, gods repent, seventh star, looking forward, death before dishonor, strength for a reason, gator punch, severe your ties, abolish, no innocent victim, your eyes my dreams, brutal fight...

noah and the whales,RA RA RIOT, the envy corps, the light years, little kingdoms, neutral milk hotel, the matches, pirouette , vhs or beta, spoon, mute math, digitalism, wolf in space, bear hands, kay kay and his weathered underground, sea bear, tokyo police club, MGMT, scissors for lefty, we are scientists, black kids, vampire weekend, abe vigoda, like clock work, the wombats, built to spill, cajun dance party, matisyahu, ,The cure,the smashing pumpkins,im a robot, arcade fire, ,iron and wine,wolf parade... -THANKS!