So for the past 4 years ive been addicted to guitar playing for hours a day and doing nothing but guitar learning every shred steve vai paul gilbert riff I could. Now for some reason I just never play anymore and it never has the same excitement or freshness every time I play im really stuck anyone know what im talking about or have any ideas? Is it just a stage or what.
A. It's probably just a stage
B. Learn new stuff, it'll be cool.

That is all.
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this is the stage where u want to get a band lol ... trust me u feel ur destined for bigger things than bedroom now it is ur quest go forth..

but that what i really do believe u want to take it to a new stage, start writing songs and look i no u want to
Uhuh definitley new songs, and maybe start a band.
And those 2 aren't the solution it's problably because you just don't enjoy playing anymore...

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yea just listen to types of music you never thought you would ever listen to

you just might like it
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This is where you either....
A)Take a breif break from guitar and just listen to music. You hear guitar, and it makes you want to play it more. Kinda like that really hot girlfriend that doesnt do anything. or....
B)You try new things and a different kind of music. Usually try stuff a bit easier than you were just working on. This also works.
-Andrew H
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so say it turns out I don't enjoy playing anymore then I just find something new or just take a long brake or what