I was at the local shop earlier today because my saddle kept buzzing. They fixed it.

I also got .11's put on, they feel better than .10's, they aren't as slinky.

Anyways, so I looked around and found something called aa Cyber Champ and a Cyber Deluxe. Both Fender amps, Obviously.

Apparently these must be what they had before the Frontman's. It has more or less the same things, except these have a built in tuner, and push-button channel select versus the TYPE knob on the Frontmans. They sound more as less the same as the Frontmans just the controls are set up differently, and they have Celestion Vintage 30's instead of the "Fender Special Design" speakers.

They are both SS.

Cyber Champ is 65W

Cyber Deluxe is basically the 2x12 version and is 100W or 120W (didnt care about the deluxe)

They sound ok for a SS, but my Blues Jr. still sound leeps and bounds better.

Anyway, anyone ever heard or seen these?
I agree, Cyber Twins are neat.

But these caught my eye b/c the built-in fx.

But alas, they're the just Frontman's forerunner.