ive been using my ts-9 as a boost for my amp but would it be better for me to use a mxr micro amp? all im trying to do is get the most gain possible out of my fender without using my ds-2 and big muff

edit: also throw a fulltone ocd into my options for more gain

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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theres this guy on you tube named gearmanndude he does these custom boost/drive pedals
i highly recomend them
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i use a TS-9 for my boosts... and i love it... i have a micro amp and with me it feeds back like a mother ****er.... and i have it turned up barely past half... its not my kinda pedal... maybe youd like it but i would stick with teh Tube Screamer
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^The MXR, as I recall, has much more gain available than the TS-9.

I have a Rangemaster clone I built, and it has way too much gain. I only push it a bit past unity gain for my solo boosts.

timzee, it depends on what you're trying to do. The TS-9 shapes your tone different due to its mid hump. The MXR is going to be transparent and just add gain to your tone with changing its fundamental tone.